How This Blog Can Change Your Life

Hi. My name is Marta Labrado and I am the founder of Digital Influence Pro.  You're not exactly here to read my autobiography so I'm not going to write one.

I'll write a little bit about myself and tell you about who I am and what I stand for in just a little bit but before we do that I just want to say:

Thank you.

Thank you for visiting my website. Thank you for reading this page.

I am truly grateful that you're here. It means a lot to me.

I tried to give you my best here at digital influencer Pro.  I'm not the kind of person to give you a bunch of fluff and useless content. You won't be getting any bullshit from me.

Why I Started Digital Influence Pro

To be honest, I started Digital Influence Pro in frustration.

I was tired of being hounded by all the wannabe digital marketers out there. I was getting emails and messages across all of my social media about products that were completely unrelated to me.

That's just bad marketing.

I've been doing various things online for nearly a decade now and it bugs me to no end to see other people devaluing our industry, which is digital marketing.

I love the internet. I love building websites. I love reading content that helps people get what they're looking for.  So it really bugs me when I see other people going about things the completely wrong way and giving a bad name to every other digital marketer out there.

This is a stigma I need to fix.

For a while, all I did was complain about it to my other digital marketer friends.

That was until one of my buddies recommended that I start a website and teach people how to do online marketing the way I want to see it done.

I resisted the idea for a while.  Maybe a little too long.

Who is Marty Labrado?

I didn't want to put myself out there because I'm not some huge internet marketing Guru.

I don't even make what many would consider being a life-changing income from my websites.

In fact, I still work a nine-to-five job.  I currently work in retail marketing and data collection. that's just a fancy way of saying that I work with major brands to get store managers to shift around the product to see what sells best and where.

I love what I do. My job gives me the flexibility that the vast majority of Americans don't get from their work.  

I create my own schedule. I manage my own work and myself. I work as much as I want.

But I love marketing and online marketing.

It's been my passion for the last decade.   I've built websites for clients. Written content for others. Tested affiliate sales with Amazon. and have just played around and I've had a lot of fun.

I truly believe I'm in a unique position to help you and your internet marketing Journey.

You see, I'm not so far removed from where you are that it doesn't seem believable that I could help you.

I'm not promising you vast riches overnight.

All I want to do is to get you the same results that I've been able to get. I just want to teach people how to get an extra couple hundred dollars from their websites.

I think trying to help people in that way makes it a little more believable. Sure, there are people that make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month online. That's totally possible to do. But do you really believe that you can do that?

A couple of hundred dollars a month is easy.  All it takes is some good hard, smart work and someone to guide you along the way.

What if I could help you generate enough income from your website that you can replace your car payment?

what if we were able to work together and make it so that your website was generating enough cash to pay for your grocery bill every month?

These kinds of goals are much more realistic and achievable. it's great to start small. All the big online gurus did, I did, and you can too.

The only thing that matters is that you start.

And you're in good hands.   You're here at Digital Influencer Pro with me as your teacher.

What Can You Expect From Digital Influence Pro?

Before I created this website I did a little bit of research into the digital marketing niche.

What I saw was borderline appalling. there are so many people out there who are pedaling extremely low-quality product.

This fact is what and rages me about the internet marketing niche. what you can expect from me is to bring you value.

I can promise you that I strive to bring you valuable and actionable information product if I recommend something to you it's because I've used it for myself or for one of my clients in the past.

Every company  and product I recommend is a company and product I believe in.

I believe in building relationships with my readers and that is exactly what I would like to do with you.

I will treat this exchange between us with respect.

You wouldn't make a new friend and then immediately bug them about the next new shiny offer. I hate that crap.

So How Can This Blog Change Your Life?

I was alone for about a year-and-a-half when I started my journey with internet marketing. I didn't belong to any groups. I had no one to talk to about all those geeky online stuff.

I was completely alone.

But then I started to find other people online who were doing the same things that I was doing and we decided to team up and learn together.

That's just one of the ways your life can change by being a part of this blog. the relationships you build along your journey can have a meaningful and lasting impact.

I wouldn't be where I am today if I didn't have my digital marketing friends to help me and guide me along the way.

I just wouldn't be the same person.

Another way there's blood can change your life is if you just take action on the information I give you.

Do you have a niche website that you can call your own? Do you have a personal lifestyle blog that brings in some extra cash every month?

If you don’t, then let me teach you how to do that.

If you DO have the luxury of saying yes, then that’s awesome!  Your knowledge and experience are welcome here in this community.

You might even learn a few new tricks along the way!

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