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By  Marty L.

Hi there, my name is Marty Labrado and I am the owner and operator of Digital Influence Pro.  I created this website for two reasons:

  1.  There’s a lot of misinformation going on about digital marketing and I’m putting an end to it by using this platform to educate others about the many different ways you can increase your influence online.  I can’t stand the vast majority of ‘marketers’ peddling low quality ‘silver bullet’ and ‘push button’ software.  Nothing beats good, consistent, smart, and hard work.
  2.   This website will be my portfolio.  This website is the perfect place for any business owner interested in hiring me to take a look at what I can do.

The site is under construction at the moment.  I promise there will be a lot of high-quality content coming soon.




You made it to the end! You ROCK! My name is Marty Labrado and I am the creator of Digital Influence Pro. This site is a place where I can help digital marketers, like you, to grow their online business and convert your cold market into customers. Connect with me on social media!

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